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Our First Official Day of Summer Break (from the Momplex Blog archives)

We woke up at the crack of dawn and had oatmeal from packets and played with Legos and changed the wet laundry into the dryer before playing in the car and losing the garage-door opener and before driving 20 minutes to see a friend in a triathlon, only to find that there were about one million other people trying to see a friend in a triathlon, so we decided to go out for breakfast instead but when we got to the restaurant, I noticed my wallet was missing, so we headed back home to retrieve my wallet which was lost under winter coats (which we can’t put away yet, being that it was 58 degrees in our house last night) and then drove south 15 minutes to have pancakes with chocolate chips and whipped cream, just before we came home to watch Spongebob (yes, I admit) and then play in the car some more before I put the little one down for a so-called nap which, of course, was “quiet time” but really more like kick-the-wall-and-yell-mamamamamamamama time, but so what, because after an hour we got up and went to Animart to hold puppies and kittens, which almost didn’t happen because little guy fell asleep just as we were pulling into the parking lot, but I didn’t let that stop us, because we had so much day left to kill, and at Animart we filled our free-popcorn bags for the drive to the grocery store, where we bought yogurt-covered pretzels and new toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum, but when we got home the toothpaste (which had to be sampled right away) tasted “too spicy,” but that was soon forgotten because we got out the bike and the scooter, and it rained on us, but we didn’t care because we knew that bathtime with water-crayons was about to start, which it did, and now Thomas is on TV while I cook dinner, and bedtime begins in just 15 minutes, and goddamnit, I made it!

Take that, Summer Break.

To which Summer Break replies, “No, YOU take that, stay-at-home mom. Sucka!”

3 thoughts on “Our First Official Day of Summer Break (from the Momplex Blog archives)

  1. LOVE IT! I mean, I love the writing of it. Not the feeling you probably had when you woke up in the morning and thought, "SHIIIIIIIIT," I have at least twelve hours to fill until we get to the end of this day, which will only bring me to the start of the next, and how is it only mid-June when I swore in my dream it was end of of July and my dream was SO realistic, not like the kind where I'm being chased through New Mexico by a grizzly and why didn't signing my kids up for camps sound like a good idea?"

  2. I know. We have 10 days of school left, and then it's the vacances scolaire which means okay we don't have to rush to school in the morning, but there isn't an ounce of privacy or quiet the rest of the day, is there? (sigh)

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