Celebrity Cribs: The Momplex Estate (from the Momplex Blog archives)

Today on Celebrity Cribs, we’ll be visiting the eclectic Momplex Estate for an insider’s peek at how stay-at-home moms really live it up. Momplex Mom tells us how she achieved her unique look in just one year. “I used to call it the ‘Hell, No, You Can’t Just Drop By’ look,” she says. “But you know, it’s sort of Jackson Pollack meets Linda Blair meets Sanford and Son, and it really says something about who I am — and my craft. People often ask me how I achieve this level of complexity in design, and I always say, ‘Well, I sort of just let life take a big dump in my den, you know? It ain’t no design. It’s livin’.”

7 thoughts on “Celebrity Cribs: The Momplex Estate (from the Momplex Blog archives)

  1. Celebrity cribs has nothin’ on you!! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who can, at any moment in time, find a wadded up diaper somewhere on the floor!

  2. You are SO funny. (And cute – look at you!) I especially like your modest “reoccurring pile of crap.” If your crib were as fresh as mine, the pile would sprawl across your rooms, through your garage and out into the backyard.

  3. omg, this is hilariously funny – I can relate.
    I only have one child but:
    I keep diapers and wipes in the living room just in case
    There are always wades of tissue or wipes around bcus the boy is obsessed with wiping his nose
    Spotty clothes, urggggggggh, everyday!
    Side seam of skirt…constantly
    Recurring piles of clothes, toys, etc in the living room and in odd places
    Oh and the T.V. now has crayon marks becus someone decided to use it as an easel (umm, I guess I shld clean it eventually)!

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